Ebro Range


Digital In-Line UPS. Excellent protection at a very competitive prize.

New UPS range Ebro 400/500, offers an hybrid solution of Schuko and IEC sockets to back up any connectable electronic devices. The Ebro series combines design, versatility and easy operation, offering 4 Schuko sockets, two UPS mode and two lightning arresters, and 2 UPS mode IEC sockets.




General technical features

Uninterrupted power: protects your data by supplying battery power in the case of a mains
Microprocessor control: the circuits of the UPS are managed by a microprocessor that reduces the size of the UPS and increases its reliability
Visual Led alarms: the status of the UPS is shown in the unit.
Acoustic alarm: the device warns you when it is running on battery, if the battery is low or the UPS is in overload
High-quality battery: the air-tight, maintenance-free lead battery ensures long service life to improve economy of operatio
Automatic detection: when the UPS is turned on, it automatically inspects the battery capacity
Protection against overvoltages: protects equipment connected to the UPS in the case of mains over voltages
Automatic charging: the UPS charges the battery whenever this is connected to the mains electricity and is on
Automatic restart if the mains return occurs before 4 minutes


Advantages of the product

  • In-Line technology
  • Microprocessor control
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • 4 schuko sockets, 2 UPS modes and 2 lightning arrester modes
  • 2 IEC sockets, UPS mode
  • Visual Led and acoustic alarms in the case of mains failure (400/500 Va)
  • EMI/RFI filters
  • RJ11, Tel/Fax/Modem Protection
  • Communications port USB
  • Cables and software included
  • Easy access to connection sockets
  • Up to 20 min of battery power


  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Communications centres
  • Telecom devices: Switch, Routers
  • Other electrical devices with schuko sockets


  • Ebro 400 VA
  • Ebro 500 VA



Data sheet Ebro 400/500 (ES)


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