Set Lux


Light flow regulator: SET LUX       


Through the controlled regulation of lamp voltages, the SET LUX Light Flow Regulator series enables you to achieve large energy savings, guarantees  active protection against voltage spikes and increases service life, with the consequent savings in maintenance costs.        





General technical features

Maximum reduction Ve -30% Mains voltage 3x415 V+N
Type of assembly Modular Mains variation +/- 7%
Bypass Automatic Nominal output voltage 240 V
Performance > 98 % Nom. Regime Regulation +/- 1,5
Temperature range -10º / +50º Start-up output voltage 210 V
Control circuit Microprocessor Reduced output voltage 190/200/210/220 V
Frequency 60 Hz Reduced Regime Regulation +/- 1,5 %


Advantages of the product

  • Large energy savings
  • Prepared for H.P.S.V. and M.V. lamps
  • Fully modular equipment
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Intelligent operation
  • High performance >98%
  • Reduces consumption to 53%
  • Prolongs the service life of lamps
  • Keeps lighting levels constant
  • Maintains the power factor of the installations
  • Does not cause disturbances in mains



  • Roads, motorways, tunnels
  • Streets, housing developments
  • Sports complexes, hospitals
  • Car parks, supermarkets
  • Airports, ports and stations



Data sheet


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