Line interactive UPS for domestic use

Deba 700/900 UPS combines design, versatility and easy handling with possibility to configure the device with different kind of schedule depending on customer needs. Deba series includes USB communication port. With line interactive technology, Deba 700/900 is able to protect against overvoltage, to stabilize microcuts and to back up against voltage drops.




General technical features

Line interactive
Reduced size
4 IEC outputs
USB communication port
AVR Stabilizer
Uninterrupted power supply: It protects your data supplying power from battery before main failures
Microprocessor control: UPS circuits are managed by a microprocessor which decreases UPS size and increases its reliability
Alarms: led and acoustic alarms before main failures
High quality battery: high quality lead battery with anti-leak seal ensures long life to improve operating economy
Battery self-test function: when UPS starts, automatically it checks battery capacity
Protection against overvoltage: it protects connected equipment against main overvoltage


  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Communications centres
  • Telecom devices: Switch, Routers
  • Other electrical devices with schuko sockets


  • Deba 700
  • Deba 900



Data sheet


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