Ottawa - 3 Phase Input / 3 Phase Output 10kVA - 400kVA


High tier On Line Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) series providing reliable protection and permanently high-quality power to three-phase loads of 10kVA to 400kVA

The Ottawa series UPS units are fully featured systems to supply high-quality power on a permanent basis to three-phase loads of 10kVA to 400kVA. They include the best On Line UPS technology, inverter output transformer isolation, input and output filtering, safety, protection, management and control devices, as well as a wide-ranging series of options that make these units unique.

The Ottawa UPS range has several operating modes to allow optimum energy management according to the type of loads or application. Advanced diagnostics and UPS information enables users to monitor system parameters and alarms, check the status of the UPS battery and provide access to historical data through the system software or multi-language screen.


General technical features

 Digital on-line double conversion UPS
 Available in 10kVA to 400kVA power options
 Three phase input, three phase output
 Full feature supply system designed to supply high-quality power on a permanent
 Basis to three phase loads
 Battery autonomy at full load: Approx 10 minutes with extended run time available
 Galvanic isolation by output transformer
 Parallel options
 Warranty 1 year


Advantages of the product

  • UPS digital ON-LINE double conversion
  • Three-phase In : Three-phase Out
  • Integral microprocessor control
  • Power: 10,15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80,100,120, 160 & 200 kVA
  • Galvanic insulation by output transformer
  • Front connection
  • Output wave: pure sinusoidal
  • Acoustic and luminous signalling
  • LCD screen & touch screen
  • Reduced harmonic distortion
  • RFI filter
  • Interface & communications software: RS232/RS485
  • Possibility of ample autonomy
  • Automatic by-pass / Manual
  • SNMP card optional/RS232 Ethernet converter
  • Parallel (optional)


  • Workstations
  • Telecommunications
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Data centres
  • Medicine
  • Military
  • Industrial market



Data sheet


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