Amazonas - Single Phase Input / Output 15kVA & 20kVA


Reliable protection for small data centres, telecom systems and other critical power applications

The Amazonas range uses online double conversion technology with galvanic isolation to provide perfect sine wave 230v power to the load. Available in 15kVA and 20kVA, the Amazonas protects critical power applications against power fluctuations and harmonic distortion. Power capacity can be easily upgraded by installing Amazonas UPS systems in parallel.

The Amazonas monitoring software clearly indicates input/output voltage, battery load capacity and the current load supported in real time. It also enables remote control monitoring via a network connection and offers seven different alarms for added security.


General technical features

 True on-line UPS
 Available in: 15kVA, 20kVA
 Single phase input/output
 Galvanic isolation by output transformer
 Battery autonomy at full load: Approx 10 minutes with extended run time available
 Parallel options
 LCD display
 SNMP adapter
Warranty 1 year advanced swap-out


Advantages of the product

  • UPS digital on-line double conversion
  • Integral microprocessor control
  • Power: 5, 6, 8,10,15 & 20 kVA
  • Galvanic insulation by output transformer
  • Output connections: Bornes
  • Output wave: pure sinusoidal
  • Acoustic and luminous signalling
  • LCD screen
  • Reduced harmonic distortion
  • RFI filter
  • Interface and communications software RS232/RS485
  • Possibility of ample autonomy
  • Automatic By-pass/ manual (20kVA)
  • SNMP card optional/RS232 Ethernet conversor
  • Parallel (optional)


  • Workstations
  • Telecommunications
  • Data centres
  • Industrial market
  • Networking
  • Domestic use
  • Security
  • Aeronautics
  • Medicine
  • Defense


Technical specification overview

 Model Rating VA / W Run time mins Outputs Dimensions WxDxH Weight KG
 Amazonas 15kVA - 18132 15000 / 10500 10 Hardwired 300x740x700 mm 160
 Amazonas 20kVA - 18637 20000 / 14000 10 Hardwired 480x860x1065 mm 270



Data sheet


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