Danubio Series - Line Interactive UPS 1kVA, 1.6kVA & 2kVA


Reliable Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) protection for IT applications, particularly PCs and servers

The Danubio UPS range offers professional protection for small servers, workstations and domestic computer systems. Its line interactive technology with automatic voltage regulation protects your computer systems from fluctuations in the electricity supply, avoiding data loss and providing a longer service life for hardware.

Inclusive UPS software allows for an organised shut down of all connected systems, saving all open files. The LCD screen is user friendly, giving you a real-time view of the UPS and battery status.


General technical features

 Line interactive - standby UPS
 Automatic Voltage Regulation
 Easy swap user replaceable batteries
 Plug & play
 Available in 1000VA, 1600VA, and 2000VA
 Tower UPS
 Warranty 2 years advanced swap-out


Advantages of the product

  • LINE INTERACTIVE technology
  • Digital microprocessor controlled
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • Power: 0,5/0,7/1/1,6/2 Kva
  • AVR Buck & Boost
  • IEC output sockets
  • Visual alarms (leds) & audible in the case of mains failure
  • EMI/RFI filters
  • RJ11, RJ45 protection
  • Communication port USB
  • Cables & software included
  • Easy battery replacement
  • 5 min autonomy at full load


  • Workstations
  • Telecommunications
  • Data centers
  • Industrial market
  • Networking
  • Domestic use
  • Security


Technical specification overview

 Model Rating VA / W Run time mins Outputs Dimensions WxDxH Weight KG
 Danubio 1000 - 18599 1000 / 600 10 6 IEC 135x370x210 mm 15.2
 Danubio 1600 - 18600 1600 / 960 10 6 IEC 150x460x220 mm 20
 Danubio 2000 - 18601 2000 / 1200 10 6 IEC 150x460x220 mm 24.5



Data sheet


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