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General sales terms


These General Sale Terms will affect to all offers of ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN S.A. previously accepted by the client. Rights and duties of these General Sale Terms will remain in force after execution of an order.


Clients shall send orders to ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN S.A. in written form and signed by entitled people. Every order shall contain:

- Reference of the ordered product as described in the offer, quantity, delivery place, invoicing address and order reference.

- Acceptance of clients order will be of fully effect when ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN S.A. receives the order in a deadline appointed in the offer (offer validity) and according to abovementioned requirements.

- ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN S.A. reserves the right of supplying materials of a producer different from that of the offer, guaranteeing similar or better results.

- ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN S.A. can make partial deliveries and invoice them separately. These partial deliveries won’t release client from accepting the rest of the order.

- In case the client requires the storage of the equipments in a subsequent deadline of the delivery time, ZIGOR will invoice an additional charge for warehousing these materials accordingly to 1% of the total amount of the equipment per month. If the item is equipped with VRLA batteries that requires periodic charge of maintenance, ZIGOR will not be responsible for realising loads of safe maintenance during the time that these batteries are in ZIGOR’s warehouse unless express inquire of the client and always if the client comes to terms with the costs of these services.

- Unless otherwise stipulated, price within national borders (excluding the islands) includes road transportation to the destination as established on the order. If special means of transport are required, it will be established on the order and invoiced separately. If, at the moment of making the order, it is not know the need of special transport means, the request of these means will be asked 7 days before the delivery date. For order outside the national borders (excluding the islands), conditions will be negotiated.

- If the installation or starting of the equipments is hired, clients shall contact ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN S.A. (ZMS, direct phone +34-945-290360) at least a week before the installation day.

- Risk of loss or damage of the products will be transferred to clients at the time of delivery in the placed established for the client. The client has 24 hours deadline to complain because of defect in quantity or quality of the product, notifying ZIGOR of the damaged material on the transporters delivery note. Within this deadline, clients can notify ZIGOR damage of the products so as ZIGOR can choose to repair or replace them.


Payment deadline: 30 days after date of invoice, unless otherwise specified.

If the deadline is expired, quantities on the clients part will suffer an interest from date of expiry equal to one year EURIBOR (or equivalent index) increasing in 3 points.


ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN S.A. is owner of the product until they are fully paid by the owner. The partial or total non-payment will entitle ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN S.A. to resolve this contract through a simple certified note with acknowledgment of receipt. Client will loose quantities delivered to that moment because of loss and damages. Client shall not be entitled to sell total or partially the goods until they are fully paid.


Prices don’t include VAT.



Rectifiers with Pb batteries are loaded when produced. They can be stored for 2 years if they are re-loaded every 6 months during storage period. If these recommendations are not followed, guarantee conditions will be lost.   

Unless otherwise specified, ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN guarantees the equipments are free of damages for one (1) year time, starting on the date of delivery to the client. The equipments installed by ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN are guaranteed for two (2) years starting from the installation date.

Under the terms of this guarantee, ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN S.A. will decide either to repair or replace equipments.

Unless otherwise stipulated, repairing or replacement will be made on ZIGOR premises. If ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN S.A. considers the equipment is not in good conditions or it has suffered non-authorised handling, it could be return to client (collect on delivery) and shall charge a quantity for doing such verifications.


When it comes to clients claims under these General Sales Terms, ZIGOR’s global liability shall be limited by the price of the invoiced equipments according to the products object of the claim, either contractual or extracontractually.

ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN is not responsible for any of the indirect damages (either moral or cultural) related to this General Sales Terms (including lost profits, lost of use, data or other commercial inconveniences or economic advantages) regardless of the cause of that damages, either contractual or extracontractually, even if the possibility of that damage has been previously notified.


None of the parties will be blamed for breach of contract in the event of an act of God. In that case, the affected party shall immediately send a notifying note to the other party and continue with fulfilment of duties.


These General Sales Terms constitute the total agreement between parties regarding products. Every single modification shall be notified in written form and signed by the parties through an authorised representative.


These General Sales Terms are governed by Spanish laws. Parties will therefore be subject to jurisdiction of Courts of Vitoria to resolve any difference arising form these GENERAL SALES TERMS.


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