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WPS 100

WPS 100


Rectifier battery charger designed for local switching nodes LMDS technology.

Power supply assured.

The range WPS-100 is a rectifier, battery charger designed to ensure power supply to the local nodes LMDS communication.


Technical features

Rated voltage AC input 220Vca +/-18%
Network voltage in the presence of DC output 41Vcc +/-1%
AC input frequency 50-60Hz
Without the presence of voltage DC output Network 32-41Vcc
Maximum ripple in DC output  
Maximum output power DC 80W.
Battery type (3x12 Vcc) Plomo estanco
Battery Capacity 7.2Ah a 20ºC
Battery life >4 hours (40W output)
Dielectric behavior in / out 5000Vcc
Dielectric behavior Earth / Entry 3750Vcc
Dielectric behavior Exit / Housing 1500Vcc


Product Benefits

  • Switching technology.
  • Range of 4 hours (consumption of 40W).
  • 80W power utilization.
  • Sealed lead batteries.
  • Remote communications alarm.
  • Protections in place for the charger and battery.
  • Adaptive Communication ISDN telephone services, channel 2 Mb and traditional telephone.



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