EFFIT PLUS: Highest efficiency in photovoltaic generation


Authors: Raquel Ferret, JesúsEguíluz

World solar photovoltaic market continues growing fueled by environmental concerns all  around the world. Now, more than ever, efficiency, cost and reliability become essential features to definitely boost photovoltaic as a real alternative energy source.

In this leading edge, the challenge of increasing photovoltaic efficiency needs for innovation, not only in cells components (to increase the ratio of electric power produced by a photovoltaic cell at any instant to the power of the sunlight striking the cell), but in the overall photovoltaic farm (to manage the energy flow minimising losses). And, the PV inverter architecture could play here a key role.

One of the difficulties facing efficiency improvements is that solar radiation is highly variable during the day. Just a few hours a day the solar radiation is high enough to make inverters run at their optimum level. That results in a non-optimum utilisation of the incident solar radiation for many hours a day, and thus in biggest losses, much higher as the number of inverters increases.

With the aim of maintaining the inverters rack in an optimum range of voltage and power over the whole radiation hours, ZIGOR has designed and develop an innovative inverter architecture called EFFIT PLUS.

The modular architecture designed by ZIGOR, allows user to optimize MPPT management of the solar farm as a function of the solar irradiation. EFFIT PLUS let user program both the number of active MPPTs and the number if inverters under use (n x 100 KWp). In such a way, the system is always running at maximum yield conditions independently on ambient conditions.

EFFIT PLUS is based on a programmable matrix installed between the solar farm and the inverters, which is controlled by proprietary software loaded in the Inverter Management System. It matches the DC outputs from PV field with the Inverter DC inputs selecting how many inverters are working at each state of solar irradiation, according to handled power and searching the maximum efficiency working point of the inverters. In addition to this feature, ZIGOR inverters have the widest range of Power Tracking (MPPT) going from 300Vdc to 700Vdc. These exceptional characteristics allow improving the overall photovoltaic farm efficiency over 3%.


ZIGOR is a leading company in the field of Power Electronics with an extended background in the Research and Development activity. As a highly technological company, ZIGOR has been working in innovative electronic solutions for renewable energy during the last years, especially for photovoltaic energy inverters and systems. Based in Spain, ZIGOR is offering the PV Market State-of-the-Art solutions to make the On-grid Solar Plants get closer to grid parity and the best ROI by looking for the highest overall efficiency of the Solar Systems.