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Voltage sags compensation systems for the continuity of industrial processes

SET DVR is an innovating system designed to mitigate and eliminate the effect of electrical disturbances in critical industrial processes through the elimination of sags and transitory overvoltages.

Power generation, transport and distribution systems are limited and can affect production processes as well as having economic consequences.

SET DVR, guarantees the quality of the network, respecting the demands of industrial production processes.


General technical features

Eliminates voltage gaps of up to 50%
Minimises the necessary investment
Does not require battery or other energy storage components
Compensation of depth and long disturbances times (up to 3 seg)
Surge compensation
Compensation irrespective of phase
Compensation of balanced and unbalanced voltage drops
Automatic bypass to maintain output voltage
High efficiency ( 97.5%)
150% supported overload for 1 sec
Less than 3ms response


Advantages of the product

  • Continuous operation to offer high stabilisation (+/- 0.5%)
  • Energy flow in both directions
  • Improved response in time
  • Turnkey project: tailor-made designed for each installation
  • Eliminates voltage sags of up to 50%
  • Minimises the investment required
  • Minimises operating costs
  • Guarantees maximum sturdiness of the system
  • Never interrupts service


  • Pottery industries
  • Logistics centres
  • Paper mills
  • Mining
  • Rotary presses
  • Desalting units
  • Production processes
  • Production robots



Data sheet Set DVR


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