SEPEC is a system used to eliminate short electrical disturbances: over voltages, brief interruptions and voltage sags in critical industrial processes. Its efficiency of over 99 percent, together with its high reliability make SEPEC the most profitable investment to reduce the cost of process shutdowns due to a low quality of supply.


General  technical features

High-efficiency emergency supplies systems > 99%
From 200 KVA to 1200 KVA
Compatible with already installed protection systems
Minimum investment required and reduction in operating costs
Maximum system robustness
Can be integrated with other supply guarantee systems available: motor units, emergency generator units, etc.
Records disturbances (day, hour, duration)
Greater reliability, MTBF and life expectation
Voltage impulse elimination system (optional)
Absorption system (BRAKE) for regenerative loads (optional)
Advanced management system, battery verification and diagnostics (optional)
Load redundancy with static commutator STS
DSP digital control system


Advantages of the product

• Eliminates network costs in coupling to units and also network return
• Turnkey project: design tailor-made for each installation
• Does not introduce harmonics into the installation (upstream)
• Does not expose services to inverter distortions
• Safety and reliability
• Low energy consumption (no air-conditioning of conversion system)
• TVSS system
• Eliminates ageing of batteries due to current ripples
• Capable of operating with Brake regenerative loads (optional)


• Industrial use:
• Pottery industries
• Logistics Centres
• Paper mills
• Mining
• Rotary press
• Desalting units
• Industrial processes


  • SEPEC 200 KVa
  • SEPEC 400 KVa
  • SEPEC 600 KVa
  • SEPEC 800 KVa
  • SEPEC 1200 KVa



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