Rhin Plus Series


Digital control technology for clean safe energy

The Rhin plus convertible series On Line double conversion UPS with full-time Digital Signal Processor control technology, is the perfect solution for mission critical users who demand high reliability, availability and performance from an UPS.

The Rhin Plus convertible series has available: input power factor correction, high efficiency and parallel redundant capability that provides a superior level of power quality for sensitive electronic equipment and computer loads.




General technical features

UPS/ online Double Conversion
Power: 4,6/6/10 Kva
Full-Time digital signal processor control
Programable frequency converter
Rack / Tower Convertible design
Simple parallel instalation
Smart ECO mode: Energy saving
LCD/LED Mimic panel
Standard RS232 (optional internal: 2nd RS232, USB, RS485, dry contact, SNMP/WEB card)
Power range and runtime scalability
Optional galvanic isolation transformer
N+1 parallel
DSP self diagnostic
High input power factor 0,99 & low current THD <6%


  • ON-LINE technology
  • Digital microprocessor controlled
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • Power: 4,6/6/10 Kva
  • Sinewave, THD <3%
  • Visual alarms (leds) & audible in the case of mains failure
  • PFC: Power factor corrector
  • Static by-pass/manual (optional)
  • Display LCD
  • Standard RS232
  • SNMP card optional/ RS232 Ethernet converter
  • Reduced harmonic distortion
  • External battery connection
  • Autonomy up to 8 min
  • Convertible Torre Rack


  • Workstations
  • Telecommunications
  • Data centres
  • Industrial market
  • Networking
  • Domestic use
  • Security
  • Aeronautics
  • Medicine
  • Defence


  • Rhin Plus 4,6 KVa
  • Rhin Plus 6 KVa
  • Rhin Plus 10 KVa



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