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Zigor obtained certification by special procedure for the turbine NM


Zigor Corporation has obtained certification for the adequacy of PO12.3 Turbine NM750

The operation during the tests with the SEPEC EOLIC has been totally satisfied confirming the expected results. In addition to certification, the installation system does not require ZIGOR to make change to the protections of the machine and has a loss less than 0.4% of the power-generating machine.

Due to the modularity of design, SEPEC wind farm can accommodate from 500kVA up to several MVA.

SEPEC EOLIC can be easily adapted to different Gray Codes (Gray code) of the different technologies. Optional SET Q may need to compensate for dynamic reactive power generation, the value of wind turbines and the overall dynamic response to meet your unique requirements.

Comparison Chart System Adequacy Gaps