Our team of professionals makes it possible for Zigor to be a technological leader in R+D+I Europe.

This team is made up of specialist technicians and highly experienced professionals taking part in the most ambitious international projects of the sector.

We also have an Implementation Engineering Team, with more than 30 years experience in emergency and conversion of energy, who work closely with our commercial team.

Our production team, specializing in electronic systems, are also key to the success we have achieved in our markets.

In order to meet the demands of those markets, Zigor began in 1999 to offer maintenance and repair services for its UPS and energy systems which represent a vital activity for the customer.



Zigor Corporación keeps up its commitment to technology and innovation and so maintains its high level of R&D investment.

Lining up this strategy, Zigor keeps its commitment up to two complementary energy storage technologies which are the flywheel and flow battery. The aim of which is to have our own technology for both storage systems. Zigor does research not only into the technology itself but also into the overall energy storage system (including developments for charge/discharge management, energy flows management, ..), enabling to integrate them perfectly into different applications such as power quality, building or smart grids.

For this purpose, Zigor maintains a close collaboration with its R&D unit (Zigor R&D) and the research centre TEKNIKER-IK4, participating in three large projects:

- PSE SA2VE: strategic project grant aided by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation , the aim of which is the development of Flywheel technologies for their applications in energy and railway sectors
- MESSIB: European project grant aided by the 7th Framework program of the European Commission, which amongst its different working areas, includes the development of electrical energy storage technologies for their application in buildings. These storage technologies are flywheels and flow batteries.
- PSE REDES 2025: strategic project grant aided the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation , which aids the design, specification and development of technological solutions, and  applications in power electronics, superconductivity and energy storage and their integration in distributed energy networks.