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Hybrid installation in India

Zigor India Pvt. Ltd. installs successfully its first Solar Photovoltaic Hybrid Inverter, HIT-C 100 kW

figure 1Zigor India Private Limited, the branch of Zigor Corporacion, S.A. in India, has recently announced that its first Solar Photovoltaic Hybrid Inverter, HIT-C 100 kW, installation has been successfully completed by the end of March of 2012 at the location of Lonavala, Maharashtra in India.This project may be considered an important milestone in new applications of Renewable Energy in India.

figure 2This 100kW Off-Grid System is located at a beautiful countryside where solar irradiance is rather high throughout the year and powering a 1,600 m2 green house (see fig. 1) plus a residential house.

The installation includes a total of 80kW of Solar PV panels connected to a ZIGOR HITC 100kW hybrid inverter (see fig. 2) with a battery bank of 390 Ah as energy storage consisting of 2 banks of 30 cells using 150Ah and 240Ah batteries.

Zigor India Pvt. Ltd. is also expecting to complete several other similar Off-grid hybrid installations as well as some On-grid systems during year 2012.