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Reversible battery charger inverter

BAT GEN 30/50/100/150 T & TL


3 Phase battery Charger/Discharge On-Grid inverters range

The BAT GEN range of Reversible Battery Charger 3 phase  on-grid inverters is designed to cover the needs of all mains-connected solar battery base  plants.
The BAT GEN 30/50/100/150 KW combines design and versatility with ease of operation and modularity that allows multiple MVA installations and it´s compatible most available battery technologies (Lead-acid, Ni-cd, Li-ion, Redox)


General technical features

Range of DC battery voltage (300-700 VDC)
Output voltage 220/400/480 V
High energy efficiency 97%
Very low harmonic distortion, THD < 3%
Selectable power factor
Direct connection to distribution Network
Unlimited parallel connection
Anti-islanding protection with automatic shut down
Monitoring from the unit with LCD
Galvanic isolation through the transformer (T model)
Grade of protection IP21
Protection against: inverse polarity, short-circuits, overvoltages, insulation failure with relay signalling
Automatic reactive energy regulation
PC-based Webserver programme for full access to BATGEN data
Lead-acid, Ni-cd, Li-ion, Redox compatible


Advantages of the product

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Modularity
  • Efficiency > 97%
  • Automatic reactive power
  • Output voltage 220/400/480 V
  • DC and AC surge protections include
  • ETHERNET communications


  • Hybrid generation
  • Energy saving
  • Telecom back up


  • BAT GEN 30 T & TL
  • BAT GEN 50 T & TL
  • BAT GEN 100 T & TL
  • BAT GEN 150 T & TL


Integrated Web Server



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