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LET mini wind turbines


LET-ZIGOR Range of wind turbines from 300 W to 6000 W
The LET-ZIGOR wind turbines range goes from 300 to 6000 W. They are incredibly quiet, light and with fantastic power production, making LET-ZIGOR wind turbines ideal for boats, yachts and barges, with the most demanding marine power needs.


General technical characteristics

High power output in all wind conditions; more powerful that the market leader above 10knots (Force 4 or more)
Low RPM rotor blades mean exceptionally quiet operation
Designed to run through severe weather conditions
All-up weight of just 8.8kg (LET 300 W)
Unique bearing configuration resulting in low friction, low bearing noise and low maintenance needs
‘X-wing’ chassis design gives excellent yaw response in gusty conditions
All bearings are lubricated and sealed for life
Anti-vibration fixings and mounts used throughout
Fully marinised construction from powder coated / anodized aluminium and stainless steel
Unique axial flux generator design, using powerful neodymium magnets, allows effortless start up in low winds and reduces ‘generator hum’
Tail fin especially designed for excellent response to turbulent wind conditions


Advantages of the product

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Quiet and light mini turbines
  • Generate power at low wind speed
  • UV blade resistant and tough
  • Designed to run through severe weather conditions


  • Wind power



  • LET 300
  • LET 600
  • LET 2000
  • LET 60000



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