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Zigor new string solar inverter: Sunzet SP


Pushing yield in photovoltaics

Zigor Corporación S.A. has merged the best of our top performing inverters range into a new series of single phase string inverters from 2kW to 6kW, complementary introducing other significant innovations to mentions some of them:

Improved European efficiency over 97%
Embedded WEB SERVER offering a powerful yet cost effective monitoring and control of the inverter and panels strings with a wide range of options: RS485, Ethernet, TCP/IP ...
Complying with new anti-islanding standardization UNE 206006 IN & IEC 61116 and ride through grid codes for most of European Countries like Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany & UK.
The recent history has taught us that some topologies are more bound to produce uncontrolled over voltages during the inverter disconnection, phenomenon that’s completely under restrain.

  • Degradation due to polarization in some technologies is another new issue to be considered when choosing the right inverter.
  • New leakage detection system is developed to avoid injuries on solar plant with high level of leakage due to humidity.
  • Improved MPPT method. One of the difficulties facing yield enhancement is that solar radiation is highly variable during the day. Just a few hours a day the solar radiation is high enough to make inverters run at their optimum level. That results in a non-optimum utilisation of the incident solar radiation for many hours a day, and thus in bigger losses, much higher as the number of inverters increases. Zigor MPPT method has proven highly efficient in real sites with unbeatable response time against radiation changes.
  • The launch of this new inverter is being in 2011 at the same time than the held of most important and outstanding international trade fairs of Pv sector. Solar Expo, Verona. Genera, Madrid. Intersolar, Munich. Intersolar, San Francisco. Energaïa, Montpellier, etc...